Dynamic and interactive technology creates free, sustainable revenue streams for colleges and universities.

Colleges around the country face increasing challenges as tuition freezes are enforced. University Media Group offers these schools new revenue opportunities at no cost.

Additionally, UMG’s network of digital interactive products placed throughout campus offers school administration and law enforcement an immediate line of communication with the local community. This level of communication can save lives in an emergency, help coordinate large crowds, and keep your campus updated in real time. 

Large Format Signage

The foundation of the offer is traditional large format signage to be installed on university property that boarders high-traffic streets and highways. This marquee signage with university branding allows the university to capitalize on the thousands of cars passing campus property every day. In partnership from a long-term lease, UMG will fund all costs for installing and operating this signage. This signage, if placed strategically, will allow UMG to produce hundreds of thousands of dollars for the University annually by marketing advertising space on the university signage.

Interactive Kiosk

Interactive kiosks are a platform for creating an engaging touchscreen experience on a network of signage throughout the campus with a number apps that communicate notices to the student population and visitors, provide bread-crumb wayfinding to highlighted key campus sites, and its flexible to accommodate custom apps that also load to your personal device. The kiosks are an attractive showcase for highlighting sponsors and generating revenues.

Play Video

Interactive Video Wall

Provides an opportunity for the university to showcase their history on an interactive digital wall of the monumental moments, events, victories, outstanding students, awards, etc., in a timeline of its history. Utilize videos clips, photographs, voice recordings, artifacts, etc. to leave visitors with a more comprehensive understanding of the proud legacy at the university. The Wall is a fascinating showcase for attracting sponsors and generating revenue.

Mobile Passport University

Easily manage a digital passport stamping program with a categorized directory of places and information around the campus that are essential for parents and students to see during their visit. Keep users engaged with contests, and rewards, while pushing notifications and promoting sponsors with an easy-to-use web tool.